Catahoula Flutes
Catahoula Flutes

Comments from flute owners and makers:

"Just wanted you to know that I love the cedar branch flute and I'll be playing it at a local church on the 17th when I do their offertory.

Thanks for the note and it was great to meet you finally!!"


"Many thanks to all of y'all who made me feel so welcome last Saturday at my first CFC meeting. As to the music, you guys are amazing! And I had no idea how much variation there is in Native American Flutes. Rand, yours are truly works of art."

I hope to see y'all again soon.


"Oh yeah! You'll have a hard time ever getting your branch flute back!"


"I truly liked your branch flutes…very nice work, pal."


"Great to meet you…you have much talent and your flutes are very impressive!"